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About Curious

Arenberg organizes the Belgian edition of CURIOUS, a festival on arts & science. "Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach and Understand Science".

We're living in a world where the solutions to our challenges are not merely about changing how we think and work. They also lie in an essential need for science and technology. However, as amazing as they are, these new scientific insights and technologies aren't usually communicated in clearest, most comprehensible manner. They often get lost in translation for people with little to no scientific background. This creates a knowledge gap between the scientific world and the people whose lives are impacted by science. CURIOUS aims to bridge that gap.

The festival wants society as a whole to embrace and understand science and technology, and to involve citizens to take part in these discussions. That's why CURIOUS revolves around both arts and sciences. CURIOUS offers artists and scientist the opportunity to collaborate. These residencies will result in performances, so a broad audience gets a better view of how science and tech impact our lives. Arenberg will host the CURIOUS Festival in December 2022.

This four-day event sets out to connect the audience by Augmented lectures. Each artist will have chosen a scientific partner in crime with whom they wished to work. The result of these collaborations will be shown during the festival in a series of unique lecture-performances. Consider these Augmented lectures as try-outs, where science and arts come together. Hoping they will one day lead to a full theatrical performance, and be picked up by educational systems as a way of getting more engagement on a scholary level.

CURIOUS is short for "Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science". The project is co-financed by Creative Europe and is a joint project of four innovative operators: Arditodesìo Theatre Company (IT), Arte Urbana Collectif (BG), Interactive Arts Laboratory of the University of Arts in Belgrade (RS), and Arenberg (BE).