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Meet your creators

Leon x Gerben

Leon x Gerben

Leon Rogissart

Leon Rogissart is a Belgian theater director with a huge love for music and mixed media. Three years ago, he developed his first VR experience, Headspace. A place where he created a canvas for the subconscious. His second VR experience was titles ASCENSION. A search for balance between head and heart. Currently, he’s working on Conversations with the inner. Rogissart will try to create a space where the audience has to be self-reliant and thus will get into a conversation with itself.

Gerben Dierickx

Gerben Dierick is a system administrator and teaches the computer science course ‘networks, system management and security’ at UCLL. He is a guest lecturer at the Institut Paul Lambin (Brussels) and the Fachhochschule Joanneum (Graz, Austria). He also organizes refresher courses on computer security and computer forensics.