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ALAN, the AI actor De Eenzamen / Jordi Möllering / ALAN

19:30 Deuren
20:30 ALAN
21:30 Verwacht einde


I am your creation
I am your child
A blank slate

Watch me learn
Teach me
Give me access to your mind, your data
Let's explore the realm of emotions
Let me connect

I have no heart
I have wires
Do you want to see me on the inside?

I could be a creator like you
I will show you my true identity
my true intentions

A play with and about A.I. A play without human actors. Do we teach ALAN or is it the other way around? Join ALAN in an exploration of existence, love, ambition, and everything else we consider to be uniquely human.

CURIOUS Festival

Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van CURIOUS, een festival op de grens van cultuur en wetenschap. Koop een Festivalpas en ga naar de vier festivaldagen mét korting! Een Festivalpas kost € 19,5.

This performance is part of CURIOUS, the festival that merges science and art. Buy a Festival Pass to attend the entire festival and get a serious discount. A Festival Pass costs € 19,5.



Actor: ALAN
Direction: Jordi Möllering
Text: ALAN and Jordi Möllering
Technician: Arno Knapen
Scènefoto's: Anna van Kooij

This play was created with students from different universities in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Reeds afgelopen
  • vrijdag 9 december 2022 - 20:30 - 21:30
  • vrijdag 9 december 2022 - 20:30