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Artèl: how to tell a story with a camera Mathieu Huvelle
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11:00 Start session 1
12:30 End session 1
15:30 Start session 2
17:00 End session 2

Artèl: how to tell a story with a camera

This workshop is in English

Self-taught, I always rocked by tales, legends, cinema and literature, I have found in photography the ideal way to put into images the “little worlds” that I have seen since I was little.

I have always taken pleasure in diverting everyday objects from their initial use, imagining them on a different scale and developing fanciful universes around them.

A workshop by Mathieu Huvelle.

Practical information

  • Bring a camera
  • Something personal
  • A source of light (lighter, flashlight, mobile…)

You enroll for one workshop. A workshop consists of two sessions from each 90 minutes. We offer you a free lunch in between the two sessions.

About Artèl

Artèl is a storytelling festival and workshop series curated by Ish Aït Hamou and Yves Ruth. Stories brought on and off stage by the most inspiring slam poets, choreographers, directors and storytellers. Discover the stories of present day on 06.11 and 07.11 in Arenberg.

In collaboration with Fleks.