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Artèl: how to tell a story with a song Rina Mushonga
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11:00 Start session 1
12:30 End session 1
15:30 Start session 2
17:00 End session 2

Artèl: how to tell a story with a song

This workshop is in English

London based, Dutch-Zimbabwean pop-innovator Rina Mushonga is known for her genre-defying musical approach and buzzing eclecticism. She brings this approach to her artistic practice as a song-writer, music producer and theatre maker, often blurring the lines between the different story-telling disciplines in her drive for making fresh, thought-provoking and purposeful performances.

In this song-writing session, Rina invites you to bring your un-finished musical ideas, lyrics and sketches to what promises to be a dynamic and collaborative workshop. We all approach writing in different ways but it is our practice and experiences shared which can be a powerful key to unlocking unexplored pathways. With song-writing tips and exercises as well as group collaborative song-writing – we'll be looking at [your] song-structure, lyrics and music and the different ways we can tap into the stories you want to tell through music.

Practical information

  • The workshop is open to music practitioners from all genres.
  • Please bring examples of your work and unfinished work to the session
  • Please bring portable musical instrument(s) you use to develop your songs (laptops, audio interface, midi-players, guitars, headphones...)
  • There will be a PA and microphones available

You enroll for one workshop. A workshop consists of two sessions from each 90 minutes. We offer you a free lunch in between the two sessions.

About Artèl

Artèl is a storytelling festival and workshop series curated by Ish Aït Hamou and Yves Ruth. Stories brought on and off stage by the most inspiring slam poets, choreographers, directors and storytellers. Discover the stories of present day on 06.11 and 07.11 in Arenberg.

In collaboration with Fleks.