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Cocreaties Servië, Italië, Bulgarije & België
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12:00 Deuren
13:30 Cocreatie Servië
14:45 Cocreatie Italië
16:15 Cocreatie Bulgarije
20:15 Cocreatie België: Anna x Amal
21:20 Cocreatie België: Leon x Gerben

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alSham - the former name of the eastern Byzantine provinces after they fell under Islamic rule. Today the territory is called Syria.

a sham - something falsely presented as genuine

The immersive project "alSham" deals with the plight of asylum seekers in contemporary Western European society and the preconceptions promoted through media manipulation that present a distorted view of the problems in their countries.

Language: English


What is life? This is the title of a series of lectures given by the famous physicist Erwin Schrödinger, who took refuge in Ireland during the Second World War. Surrounded by reports of death, Schrödinger questioned the processes that allow life to proliferate on our planet. The principles of physics and chemistry must account for this. But how? Why is it so? Does it have to be so? How can information about who we are and how we function pass from one organism to another?

The laws of statistical and quantum mechanics provided him with the sketch of a molecule that had to be big enough to hold all the information, but small enough to be contained in a cell: 9 years later, DNA was discovered, kick-starting a revolution in the life sciences that has led us to manipulate the genetic code, reprogram cells and design vaccines. However, while we can hold out reasonable hopes of being able to explain what life is, we are a long way from answering another question: why?

Language: English


The Exciting World of Maps. Maps have accompanied and helped the development of human civilizations. In "The Exciting World of Maps" the geographer Evgenia Sarafova and the video-artist Nikola Nalbantov will tell us about the history of maps, their use, as well as some unexpected and curious applications. 

Evgenia Sarafova is a PhD candidate in Remote Sensing of Earth and Planets and a Master in Geographic Information Systems and Cartography.
Nikola Nalbantov is a video-artist and set designer. He has created the visual environment for a number of theatre and ballet productions. 

Language: English

België: Anna Borodikhina x Dr. Amal Miri

(On)zekere Moeders

Wat zijn de raakpunten tussen moeder en kind met migratieachtergrond? Welke verschillen zitten er tussen deze twee generaties en wat verbindt ze juist? Waar zijn beide generaties naar op zoek, wat willen ze vergeten en wat geven zij door? Wat blijft er dan achter?

Via wetenschappelijke concepten zoals 'affective citizenship' en kunst zoeken we naar antwoorden op deze generationele vragen. Door middel van dialoog, theater en poëzie gaan we op zoek naar de betekenis van wat wordt doorgegeven en uitgewisseld tussen verschillende generaties migranten in België.

(Un)sure Mothers

What are the connections between mother and child with migration backgrounds? What are the differences between these two generations and what links them to eachother? What are both generations looking for, what would they like to forget and what do they pass on? What remains?

Building on scientific concepts such as ‘affective citizenship’ and art we seek answers to these generational questions. Through dialogue, theatre and poetry, we are looking for the meaning of what is passed on and exchanged between different generations of immigrants in Belgium.

Language: Dutch

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België: Leon Rogissart x Dr. Gerben Dierickx

A philosophical enquiry about humans who humanize a robot.

Are you afraid of me?
Why? badvoice
I’m a sweet robot!
I’m a sweet sweet robot badvoice

In ‘A philosophical enquiry about humans who humanize a robot’ onderzoeken Leon Rogissart en Gerben Dierickx op theatrale wijze hoe de mens zich kan verhouden ten opzichte van technologie. Is het een tool, een werktuig dat functies van ons vergemakkelijkt? Of is het een entiteit die ons leven kan overnemen?

In 'A philosophical enquiry about people who humanize a robot', Leon Rogissart and Gerben Dierickx use theatre to investigate how humans relate to technology? Is it a tool that simplifies our tasks Or is it an entity that can take over our lives?

Language: English

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CURIOUS Festival

Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van CURIOUS, een festival op de grens van cultuur en wetenschap. Koop een Festivalpas en ga naar de vier festivaldagen mét korting! Een Festivalpas kost € 26.

This performance is part of CURIOUS, the festival that merges science and art. Buy a Festival Pass to attend the entire festival and get a serious discount. A Festival Pass costs € 26.



Writer and director: Mirko Stojković

A production realised by Arditodesìo, within the Theatre of Wonder Festival, for the project CURIOUS. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Foto: © Tanja Drobnjak